Tuesday, June 06, 2006


This morning I was rushing to catch the ferry to work. I had thrown on a black top with a flowy black skirt. Everyone was on except for me and another guy running behind me.

A brisk jolt of wind came along and converted my skirt into a belt. I don't know what the guy behind me did, but he didn't continue to run, or he would have passed me. And, I don't know what all the people on the ferry thought, as I never looked up. I just stood there frozen, battling my skirt down until the wind stopped, all the time while thinking, "OH NO, my underpants!"

Yes, the underpants I had chosen for this glorious, sunny day were unfortunately red and blue superhero underwear...but I wasn't feeling so super.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I’m detoxing this week. I try to do it twice a year. It’s that weird time of the year when my brain battles my body. My mind thinks things like, “I feel great. These strawberries are so good for me. Hmmmm, more broccoli.”

That’s what my brain thinks. But my belly has other interjections throughout the day. Things like, “Where’d he get that chocolate covered donut?"

But if I had gotten the donut to appease my stomach, my brain would have staged a revolt, “You said you weren’t going to do that. Eleven days. The diet is only 11 days! You know what, I’m too mad to talk, I’m just going to go to sleep!”

And when my brain wants to go to sleep, I’m really in a pickle. When I’m sitting at a desk with my eyes half open trying to write, and look down to realize I can’t read what I’ve written. An arm or leg can go to sleep and you can still get work done, but when you’re brain heads off to sleepyland, you can forget it.