Monday, February 14, 2011

Forfeited 15 minutes of Fame

Since Angie West is the lead dancer for the Oscars, she asked me to dance in the final number. Everyone else was having to wear dull white dresses (Angie included) but I was given an awesome hot pink dress. I only had a few hip shake steps, but I could nail them.

Backstage, the music was thumping, audience was clapping, excitement was in the air. I was waiting for the show runner to tell me when to go out and realized I had on lip liner, but no lipstick. I ran back to my dressing table and dug around for lipstick, but all I could find was clear lip gloss. Finally I found some lipstick, put it on and turned around and everyone was gone.

I ran out on the empty stage and the audience was leaving the auditorium. A few stray streamers were still falling from the ceiling. The show was over. The worst part is then I woke up. I mean, if I had been able to stay asleep maybe I would've been able to redeem myself by going to an after party with Jake Gyllenhaal or something.

Then I got in the car this morning, still disappointed about my fictitious brush with stardom and heard some 70's song about "you don't have to be a star to dance in my show." Maybe that's what life is about. Creating your own show and dancing in it.

Happy Valentine's Day.


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