Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gun in the Oven

Talking about rage is all the rage. School shootings, kids with guns and drive-bys. Parents are worried about their children. always blaming kids violent actions on music, or video games or music or television.

Here's what's causing it...our statues!

Yup, that's right. Think about it. Kids know TV and video games are just entertainment, but when they go to libraries, field trips or places for learning, there's always that bronzed man with a gun. That's not entertainment. It's setting an example. The statued person could be going into a battle field...or a school cafeteria ... or post office. Who knows? It's confusing.

When you see a statue it's always a man with a weapon. Rarely are there wepon-less statues near government buildings, and rarely women. Men with guns, never women knitting for the homeless. No, in America, if you want a statue for your legacy, you have to kill for it.

The exception to this rule is, of course, this statue of a gun-toting mother on a horse...tenderly breastfeeding her child!

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Going Down?

I retract my previous blog. I thought I was having a bad couple of days. I stand corrected, this is a bad couple of days:


Not Just 'Hot as Hell' but just Hell

The past week has been one of those weeks where one bad event creates a domino effect, and everything in my life turns to turds. It's 1,000 degrees, so for everyone else in NYC, it's hot as hell, but for me...just hell.

Last week, I had a crazy bad day and wanted to go home and decompress but instead got an argument with my man, which means I did't sleep and am tired the next day, so everyone annoys me, so I'm not paying attention and accidentally catch something on fire. FIRE! This makes for bad day #2, which effected bad day #3...and so on...

I plug along, not because I think there's light at the end of the tunnel, or that things will get better, but because I know that Tragedy + Time = Comedy. I just have to be patient, so that I can laugh about it one day.

And the crazy things that have been happening I could've never predicted. Today I got asked to reliquish my chair.

No, not a chair, as in, an important person on a board, but the actual piece of furniture under my ass. It was like an episode of the office, "yeah...about your chair....we're uh...gonna...uh....gonna need to get that back...."

If only there were some sort of meteorologists that could predict, "There will be a shit storm on Tuesday that will last into next week." or "Scattered shit storms in the afternoon, but expect a sunny disposition tomorrow." or "We're expecting a whopping ten inches of shit tomorrow, be sure to take an umbrella!"

I won't bog the blog down with everything, but here's another little nugget.

I got asked to interview for a postition. I didn't send my resume, I wasn't gunning for it, just out of the blue, hey, wanna interview for this? I say okay. I don't really have time to do it, or want to do it, but I interview. I'm overqualified for the job, but what the hell, I'll go meet the woman. They decide to go with an opportunitstic girl almost 10 years my junior...with no experience. It stung. I didn't want the job, but I wanted to be able to turn it down. Sick, I know.

Then right after this, still reeling from the sting, I go to a class I'm taking and the teacher flirted with me. I'm not sure why because I am much older and much married, and I'm sure he can get tail from single girls his own age. But it was a nice little awning to get out of life's shit storm... because you want to feel like you've still got it, even if you don't. Then I realized that there was a lesson to be learned.

Moral of the story:
It's flattering if someone much younger than you wants to screw you, it's annoying if they want to screw you over.

Other Lesson Learned:
Don't put up with people's shit, or they'll keep crapping on you.

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