Wednesday, October 03, 2012

SC DMV - You A Lie

The South Carolina DMV has a unique feature on their website that allows you to see how many people are waiting in line at any given time. I say it's unique because it's wildly inaccurate. It tracks the number of people inside the building currently being serviced, not the swarms of people outside still waiting to get in.

According to their website there are only 4 people here and a 2 minute wait. According to reality, there are now 6 people between me and the door, several behind me and who know how many inside.

I'm not annoyed by the time I'm wasting now, but the time I wasted all week watching & calculating the best time to come here.

Thanks, SC. This is only my 3rd try to get a license. The last try was aborted when my 3 year-old threw up in the parking lot, so I guess this is better scenario.

And why is there not a Starbucks counter here?