Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Outed by a 4 year-old

My 3 year-old had an older friend over to play today, a 4 year-old girl. They were playing and I gave them some "ice-cream" which is really frozen organic yogurt.

I'm walking off and I hear her friend say, "This isn't ice-cream, it's yogurt."

I thought, man, she just undid all my hard work. I felt like Valerie Plame getting outed. I'll never get her to respect the yogurt again. There is some discussion between them, then my daughter walks into the room where I am and says, "Is this yogurt ice-cream?"

And I say, "Yes!" Brilliant, yogurt-ice-cream, that way they can both be right!

And she looks at it for a minute and says, "Okay." Then she goes out of the room and continues to eat it.

That was a close one.