Sunday, October 07, 2012

Politicks me off

A new law was passed to move in the opposite lane if you see an emergency vehicle (cop, ambulance, etc). I imagine the law was put in effect for the safety of emergency personnel working roadside. Instead of it making things safer, drivers will now nearly run cars off the road trying to switch lanes.

When you have 3 lanes of traffic going 70, and all of a sudden an entire lane has to merge with no warning or drop their speed by 20 mph, it's a recipe for disaster.

It makes me wonder what types of baffoons pass these laws.

Then I read that Romney and Ryan backed proposals to "ban abortion, except in the cases of rape and incest, or when the mother is endangered."

Knucklehead politicians. They should realize this will lead to more women claiming rape or sympathetic doctors claiming more medically necessary abortions. Then there will be someone who gets denied an abortion and dies during labor - and who's responsible? Congress.

I don't expect to elect politicians with vision to predict the future, but it would be nice to elect some with a firm grasp of cause and effect.

And a side note: Politicians, stop using my uterus as a bullet point for your stump speeches. At a minimum, a "free" country should allow for people to control their own medical decisions.